Niigata as No.1–No.5 in Japan

So, the Japanese are really into ranking things, whether they be the three most beautiful gardens in the country or the best parks for viewing cherry blossoms in spring. Everybody here has got something to be proud of, it seems. I recently ran across this list of some things in which Niigata makes the grade, relative to the other prefectures in Japan:

Number of Nationally Designated Important Tangible Folk Cultural Properties (14)
Gross Rice Output (200 billion yen)
Cut Tulip Flower Shipment Value (26.3 million flowers)
Metal Kitchenware Shipment Value (16 billion yen)
Nitted Ware Shipment Value (38.9 billion yen)
Oil Production (460,846 kl)
Natural Gas Production (1,654,205,000 m3)
Kerosene Heater Shipment Value (31.0 billion)

Natural Park Area (316,955 ha)
Total Real Length of National and Prefectual Roads (6,632 km)
Length of National Express ways (383 km)
Number of Bathing Beaches (77 beaches)
Number of Sake Breweries (105)
Number of Designated Traditional Crafts (14)

Number of Skiing Grounds (74)
Number of Migratory Swans (7120)
Sake Shipments (60.3 billion yen)

Number of Hot Springs with Lodging Facilities (145)

Land Area (12,582 km2)

Rice, sake, hot springs, skiing and a lot of land – that’s pretty much the world of scenic Niigata.