Had a rather nice day at school today. Taught three fairly successful third-year classes, with activities primarily prepared by myself. Even the petulant ones warmed up a little (I have a feeling they appreciate me not crucifying them on their last speaking test). Also got a fair amount of Japanese studying done. It’s nice to remember how much of this language I already know. I’m taking the advanced level of the JET correspondence course and have yet to come across any new grammar. New (or forgotten) kanji? Of course. But not grammar. And not too much vocab. Granted, it’s not really that legitimate a course. But it’s still gratifying. ;)

Oh, I forgot to mention that yesterday my JTE (Japanese Teacher of English) at Kamo Jr. High brought my back some omiyage from Kamo Norin, the city agricultural high school: cucumbers, mushrooms, and pears grown by the students themselves and eggs from the chickens they raised. And some cake things that they evidently made, too. Nice, huh?

Omiyage from Kamo Norin High School
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Feeling cheerful and happy to be in Japan (still wish they had central heating though).