Major redecorating

What a productive day. I spent almost all of it cleaning house, doing laundry, and shopping for furniture (or moving it, with Rosalind’s help), and now my apartment is a much more pleasant place to be. Seriously, I feel *so* much happier. And I think I’ve spent more time in my living room today than I have in the last two months, so that really says something. Just to think, a sofa, an armchair, and another bookshelf were the key to happiness all along. I still have to do the finishing touches (sofa pillows, colorful things, and perhaps a houseplant), but I think I’ll try to pace my spending a bit–anyway, this is a definite improvement. That means we can have a party at my place soon, perhaps with all that Mexican food I’ve been hoarding from Yum.

I’ve been burning CDs this evening, trying to recreate a bit of my old collection in Seattle. I have to admit, despite the convenience of mp3s and mp3 players, I find buying/burning/using CDs to be somehow more satisfying at times. Maybe it’s cause I just like stuff; I’m such a packrat. Anyway, Modest Mouse, Air, Pinback, and Hot Hot Heat have rejoined the fold so far… More to come, I’m sure.

I think I’m going to shut down the computer for the night, maybe study for the GRE. That would be good. Tomorrow may end up being busy–gotta prep for a big day of teaching on Monday and it looks like I’m going to a taiko drum concert out in Sanjo in the afternoon. That’s life in Japan for ya…