Busy busy

Wow, it’s been busy since my last post–time for a list!

1. I submitted my Rhodes and Marshall applications today! So glad that’s out of my hair. Hopefully my eight letter writers will all come through and there won’t be any last minute things to deal with. On to studying for the GRE!

2. Rosalind and I joined a gym in Sanjo on Thursday! I’m way excited. We’re going to try and make it a regular routine. Maybe do some of the classes as well.

3. I never realized how many muscles it takes to play the clarinet. After my power session on Wednesday, my face muscles were seriously sore. It was kinda cool though–I could feel exactly what muscles I used, something I could never do when I built up endurance slowly over seven years. Interesting pain is good…. right?

4. Playing Jeopardy with junior high kids for four straight hours takes an astonishing amount of energy.

That is all.