Adventures in clarinet-ing

So, today I picked up a clarinet for the first time in five years. I played fairly seriously back in high school but hadn’t touched a horn since I toured Europe with a state band after graduation. However, despite that, today I was handed an instrument and asked to sit down and play with our junior high’s group. We played together for a couple of hours–and then we went to a different school and practiced the same songs with kids from four other junior highs in the area for another couple of hours. It was a trip, let me tell you. It felt so natural. And I even remembered the vast majority of stuff–the only thing that really got me was my total lack of embochure muscles. Four hours of continuous playing was a little rough. But yeah, it was great, and the kids were very excited to have me participate. I guess they’re practicing for a festival in early November. I may be playing with them, we shall see… It’s the first time I’ve felt really comfortable at school–I should’ve known band would do the trick. ;) The experience did make me feel a bit old though… How on earth did five years go by so quickly?

And tonight? Tonight was another installment of cooking class with Rosalind and Saito-san. We made beef steak, sweet potato rice, a radish soup, and a seaweed salad. Yum. We asked Saito-san to hook us up with a massage place–apparently there’s one in Kamo, complete with the blind masseuse that’s standard in this country. I can’t wait.

Anyway, I think I’m going to get to bed. I have three early lessons in a row tomorrow, and sleep definitely helps things along. :) Take care, all.