Another weekend

Saturday night in Sanjo
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Met up with Grace, Errol, and Johanna for a little random fun out in Sanjo last night. Apparently, Johanna came down from Niigata to lease a car from a fellow named Mr. Fujita, and he very graciously offered to take all of us out to dinner. After a few hours of feasting and drinking, there was a veritable collison of JETs as people simultaneously left concerts, returned from Thailand, and similarly converged upon a small cafe for some hanging out. It was a good time, and I even managed to catch the last train home and get a good night’s sleep.

And today? Today was spent working on various projects, buying tickets for the Studio Ghibli Museum, getting pictures taken for my Rhodes application, and shopping with Grace (who also happened to be nice enough to take my pictures for me). Yay.

Tomorrow is yet another “first” day–you’d think I’d be done with those by now, huh? I’m going to Sanjo to visit Osaki Junior High, which I only visit every two weeks or so. That means I need to do my self-introduction again (bleh). Speaking of which, I should go make sure that I have everything ready…

I think my computer may be on the verge of death. The screen has been flickering alarmingly for the last couple of days. I’ve been starting to research new ones lately, but I hope this one can hold out at least til after grad apps are done… Hrm.