Bits and pieces

Today a junior high student interviewed me about American traffic laws as part of an “international” research project. We’re talking everything from “How many different kinds of road signs are there in America?” to “Is it legal for two people to ride a motorbike on a highway?”, from “How much is the fine for driving without a driver’s license?” to “What happens if you refuse to take a breathalizer test?” You know, all the questions you try to avoid knowing the answers to. I did my best, but geez. It was pretty amusing though.

I also encountered my first instance of a teacher getting halfway through a class and being like, “Well, I’m out of stuff, did you bring anything to do?” without any prior mention of activity-planning. That was fun–thank goodness for hangman.

Aaron and I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Sunday. It was enjoyable, but I found the visuals a little overwhelming. It was a bit like sensory overload–I actually left the theater with a bit of a headache. Still, I enjoyed it. I loved all Roald Dahl’s books as a kid… The movie theatre was an interesting snapshot of Japanese culture. The place was pretty full (we even had assigned seats), but it was completely silent the entire time. Aaron and I involuntarily chuckled a few times and felt totally out of place. I guess this is a pretty common thing–rumor has it that Japanese people don’t like to laugh at movies in public. But I haven’t verified that, so it could be incorrect. Another thing–they sit in their seats until all of the credits are finished. Interesting, huh?

You learn something new every day.