I ♥ Books

My books finally arrived in the mail today! I shipped them out the day I left Seattle, and here they are, “only” eight weeks after the fact. I really shouldn’t complain though; it only cost me $16 to ship about 16 pounds of books across the Pacific Ocean. My small box of winter clothes cost twice that. Anyway, it feels like a bunch of old friends have come to join me from Seattle. The loot? The Sound and the Fury, Catch-22, Learning to Bow, To the Lighthouse, Snow Country, Closer, I, Claudis, Point Counter Point, Jude the Obscure, Atlas Shrugged, Beyond Bilateralism, and afterdark (in Japanese). This should keep me busy for a while, especially since I have less time to read as of late.

Speaking of books, I finished The Blind Assassin last night, and I *really* loved it. It’s definitely going on my list of favorite books.

I can’t believe September is more than half over. Time flows so strangely here at times. Big work day today. Off I go.