Let the introductions begin… again!

So, today marked the first official day of classes. By 8:10, the teachers had started their morning meeting and by 9:10 I was on the gymnasium stage facing a crowd of maybe 200 students and the rest of the teachers. I gave my introduction in English and in Japanese, I bowed, and then I fled to the staff room, where I essentially remained until 5:20 pm or so this evening, with the exception of a short run home for lunch. The staff room was very lively today with lots of laughter–the teachers sounded happy to be back in the swing of things. They’re throwing a welcome enkai for myself and the other new teacher tomorrow–they even made a flyer for it, complete with tiny cartoon spectacled Kristi on the right-hand side:

Cute, huh? I’m totally wiped out. Getting to bed early tonight, that’s for sure. I seem to remember having a list of things to do, but it all seems rather irrelevant at the moment. Gotta space out, ttyl.