So, school starts tomorrow, and I have to actually start doing stuff. My God, how frightening. I spent the latter half of today making visuals for my self-introduction lessons and writing out short/simple speeches in both English and Japanese. I’ll have to let you know how it goes. *looking skeptical* I also visited my mysterious fourth (and final) school, Tagami Jr. High. I’m not scheduled to actually teach there until October, but it’s nice to at least know where it is.

Went to the Japanese cooking class again today. We made four dishes this time around (excuse the rough English translation of dish names): sardine fry rice (rice, pickeled Japanese apricot, leaves of perilla, and sardine fry), bracken mochi (sugar, soybean flour, water, and bracken powder), horse mackerel marinade (mackerel, garlic, onion, cucumber, and tomato), and this boiled squash dish. On the whole, I liked this meal much better – I really liked the mackerel marinade and the bracken mochi. I sliced all of the fish for the former dish, which I was rather proud of. I should also note that sardine fry are really disturbing looking. Anyway, the class as fun, but I think I might not go again for a while, at least until I get into the routine of school.

September, here we go.