Prefectural Orientation in Niigata City

Just got home from a two-day prefectural orientation in Niigata City, the largest city in my prefecture and also the largest city on the Japan Sea coast. It was pretty fun, all in all. I got to see a bunch of people I hadn’t seen since Tokyo. There were a number of workshops, etc, but they were mostly useful. Back to work tomorrow…

Some of the other ALTs and I are making plans to go to the Sado Earth Celebration Festival this weekend. It’s supposed to be the best summer festival in Niigata, with the main attraction being the taiko drummers and the island itself. I think the plan is to spend two or three days out there and camp on the beach.

Some pictures of Niigata City to close:

The Shinano River

The Rainbow Tower

Popsicle flavors – some normal, some slightly not so