I’m here!

Hello everyone! I’m happy to announce that I have arrived safely at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo. The flight was the nicest flight I’ve ever been on. Ever. Well, except for the one time I flew first class to the Philippines. The plane was actually roomy, and they had an amazing built-in screen in front of every seat where you could select different movies or play music or play solitaire (and that nifty computer mahjong matching game I was so addicted to as a child). I watched Kung Fu Hustle on the way over. And barely slept at all. But it was fun. :) The JET Program people have things amazingly well set up for us here – I’m very impressed. I feel so pampered – and really grateful that I don’t have to be figuring out logistics on my own. Anyway, it’s 4 or 5 am here, and I’m trying to beat the really long Internet/phone lines for a few minutes. I’ve been meeting people and testing out my Japanese knowledge. And it’s been mostly successful so far. :)

More updates when I have more time (and after I figure out where to get a phone card and change some money)! Much love!